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Apr 2, 2009

Florida at the Enzian!!

Hello friends and followers!
I am anxiously awaiting our screening of SMILE 'TIL IT HURTS at the Enzian Theater here at the Florida Film Festival. We had a great TV interview this morning. I had to hunt down a local Starbucks to use the internet, but mostly I needed caffeine. :) This will be our second screening here at the festival. The last screening on 3/28 was a fantastic experience with a great audience, some of whom were Up With People alumni and even a member of Blanton Belk's family (Blanton Belk was the Founder of UWP). Naturally there were many questions and I understand that the internet is buzzing on the Uppie Hotline, some even questioning my motives in making the film---well, I did have one, and that was to uncover my husband's past and tell the truth about the history of the organization. It's not a Pollyanna story by any means, but the 4 star review in the Orlando Sentinel is worth reading. (See attached press links.) The film doesn't shy away from anything, including the positive virtues and values of the Up With People organization and relevant historical experiences. But people will have to judge for themselves. Today I hope the Q&A is just as lively as it was last Saturday. And, I also hope Glenn Close will see it someday. She will be here at the Florida Film Festival tomorrow with a special screening of Fatal Attractions.

It's a whirlwind down here in steamy Florida. (Coming from Phoenix, every place with humidity is steamy!) The Festival has be great to work with and I'm delighted to be here.

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