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Jan 13, 2009

Team Genius

I leave for Park City tomorrow morning and I haven't packed yet. We have been so busy working on details to make this the best screening possible that I can't believe our World Premiere is nearly here! Our publicist is diligently working the press, a marketing consultant is promoting the film, a fabulous party is planned at The Spur on Main Street, and we have engaged a sales agent in the happy event that our film will be sold someday soon. In addition to figuring out what to take to the brisk, oxygen-deprived mountains in Utah, I'm also fretting about the "Q&A." As a lawyer, you'd think I'd be able to speak easily on my feet. But this is different for many reasons, not to mention the emotions converging around the launch of a relevant, complex and entertaining documentary made by a first time filmmaker.

When I started this creative endeavor, a dear friend told me to enjoy the process of making the film because I may never have another chance. (It was sort of like Warren Zevon suggesting we 'enjoy every sandwich'....) I've often thought of that when the challenges of making a film seemed overwhelming---and there were many---yet I must say that above all, my greatest joy has been working with so many wonderful people who have invested their time, energy and creative resources to make this project successful. Without each and everyone of them, this launch would not be possible.

I will forever tip my hat to Team Genius, with sincere thanks and life long appreciation.

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