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Sep 27, 2010


Hi friends!

SMILE 'TIL IT HURTS: The Up With People Story will screen in Nashville, Tennessee at The Belcourt Theatre on October 11-12 at 7pm. One of the featured cast members is Linda Blackmore Cates who will join Director Lee Storey in the post-screening Q&A. Along with never-before-seen archival footage, Linda Cates gives a compelling and heart-warming perspective of the Up With People experience. If you live anywhere near Nashville, we hope you will attend because this screening will be especially memorable. We anticipate a lively discussion with members of the Up With People and Sing-Out casts, as well as our general audiences. This doc goes beyond the Up With People experience and touches on historic political and ideological themes that continue to this day, including the enduring idealism of youth and desire to make the world a better place. The conversation continues!

Onward to Nashville! Tickets go on sale October 6!

OCTOBER 11-12 @ 7pm
Q&A to follow with Linda Blackmore Cates and Director Lee Storey
2102 Belcourt Avenue
Nashville TN 37212
Box Office: (615) 383-9140
Main Office: (615) 846-3150

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  1. Why does this story stay on times before 1980 when a lot of agenda was critisized by students and we spoke out our feelings about it. Also Gay, Lesbian etc are nowadays freely and openly among UWP programs. MRA has disappered somewhere. Restart happened by younger alumni who had nothing what so ever to do with MRA anymore. Document is good but very narrowly made, perhaps because maker did not want to admit that what was long time ago is not anymore. After restart there was no interwievs at all. Just mention that it happened.